(Lessons) – These links give you the information about what we will be doing each day.
The power notes are where you get the answers for each objectives.

Do not go to the internet for answers.
Most are one or two words.
Read the objectives for each video before watching the them
Strongly suggest that you start looking at Lessons 9,10,11.
Each video is about 1 hours and 20 minutes. Don’t l
ook at the short version because you will not get all the answers that you will  need.  Must be completed by Nov. 11. Look at the daily schedule.                                                                                      

Date Friday  Workout What We Will Be Covering Turn n Today Power Notes
1. Cholesterol Aug 19    Introduction
Location Website
Sign up for Screening

Blood Pressure, Artery, Cardio, Cholesterol
2. Artery/Blood Pressure Aug 26  
Lesson 1,2,3 Cholesterol/Artery/Blood Pressure/ Muscles
Hip to Waist Ratio

Hip to Height Ratio
Print the results of each


Blood Pressure, Artery, Cardio, Cholesterol


3. Muscle Aug 26 Workout # 1
Go over Muscles
Heart Rates
Waist to Height


4. Heart Rates Sept 2 Workout
# 2

Review Heart Rates
Review for Test 1



Heart Rate Review
Test 1 Sept 9   Test 1 on Lessons 1 – 4
Go Over Test 1 Sept 16   Go over Test
Lesson 5 Diabetes
5. Diabetes/BMI Sept 23   Lesson  6
Skin Cancer
Diabetes BMI
6. Skin Cancer Sept 30 Workout
# 3
Lesson 7
Food Category
Skin Cancer
7 .Food Category/
Oct 7 Workout # 4 Lesson 8
Food Label
Food Category
8. Food Label Oct 14 Workout
# 5
Review for Test 2  

Food Label


Test 2  Oct 21   Test 2 Lessons 5 – 8 Sigh up for Post Screening    
Oct 28 Workout
# 6
Go over Test 2  
Labs 9,10,11 Nov 4      Watch 3 Videos
Lab 9 Forks Over Knives
Lab 10 What the Health Lab 11
The Game Changer
Nov 3
Post Screening and goals results Due
9. Forks Over Knives Nov 11   Test 3 for Video
Test  Nov 25   Thanksgiving  


Dec 2   TBA

Labs 8 ,9,10 are on You Tube, Netflix, tubitv. .