Labs (Lessons) – These links give you the information about what we will be doing each day.
The power notes are where you get the answers for each objectives.
Do not go to the internet for answers.
Most are one or two words
Read the questions for each video before watching the them.

Make sure you are looking at the schedule for your class.
Friday Class is Red.
Thursday/Thursday is Blue.
Objectives and Power notes are for both classes.                                                                                                              

Functional Wellness
11 – 1:30pm
Total Wellness
2 – 3:40pm
Lessons  Date Lessons/Test
For 687203
Power Notes Date Lessons/Test
1. Cholesterol Jan 7 Introduction
Location Website
Sign up for Screening
Cholesterol Jan 25 Introduction
Location Website
Sigh up for Screening
2. Artery/Blood Pressure  Jan 14
Lesson Cholesterol/Artery/Blood Pressure/ Muscles
Blood Pressure, Artery, Cardio, Cholesterol  Jan 27
2. muscle  Jan 14
Go over Muscles
 Feb 1
Blood Pressure Muscles
3. Heart Rates Jan 21

Heart Rates
Pre Screening/goals Due

Heart Rate Review Feb 3 
Heart Rates
4. Diabetes/BMI Jan 28
Diabetes BMI Feb 8
Review Heart Rates
Feb 4
Review for Test 1
Feb 10
Feb 11
Test 1
   Feb 15
Review for Test 1
Feb 18
BC no classes
Professional Development Day
   Feb 17
Test 1
5. Skin Cancer Feb 25
Go over Test 1
Lesson Skin Cancer/Food Category
Skin Cancer Feb 22
Go over Test 1
Feb 24
Skin Cancer
Spring  Break Feb 28 – March 6  Spring Break
6 .Food Category/Nutrition March 11
Lesson Food Label
Nutrition, Food Category, Food Label March 8
Food Category
7. Food Label March 18
Forks Over Knives

Food Label March 10
8. Forks Over Knives
March 25 Test 2
See Notes Below March 15
Food Label
9. What the Health April 1
Watch What The Health
Go Over Test 2
Post Screening/goals accomplished Due
See Notes Below March 17
Bring a Food Label to class
Review Test 2
10.The  Game Changer April 8
Watch the Game Changer
 See Notes Below March 22
Test 2
April 15
Questions  on 3 Videos
 Good Friday  March 24
Forks Over Knives
  April 22
Day Off
Professional Development Day
  March 29
Go over Forks Over Knives
      March 31
What the Health
      April 5
Go over Forks Over Knives
      April 7
The Game changer
      April 12
Go Over then Game Changer
      April 12
Review for Test 2
Review the Videos
      April 14
Test Video
      April 19
go over final grade

Labs 8 ,9,10 are on You Tube, Netflix, tubitv. Scroll down until you see the long version that is marked free.
We will try to make time to see them in class.