Lab 6: Skin Cancer

Name the three kinds of skin cancer (1,2,3)
Name the three ways that skin cancer can metastasize in your body.
7. When do you first apply sunscreen and how many minutes before you go outside?________________.
8. How often after that?
9. Which skin cancer will not spread?
10. If there is damage underneath the skin it is caused by which UV rays?
11. Tanning Bed — are they safe? Yes/No
12. Is skin cancer asymptomatic or symptomatic or can be both?
13. UV – what does it stand for?
14. A patch of dry skin can be skin cancer – True/False
15. Least Dangerous – which skin cancer is the least dangerous.
16. Most Dangerous – which skin cancer is the most dangerous.
17. Basal Cell – is usually found where on the body?
18. Squamous – is usually found on what part of the body?
19. Malignant Melanoma is found where?___________
20. Metastasize – what does it mean?
21. Slow growing – which skin cancer is slow growing?
22. Fast growing – which skin cancer is fast growing
23 – 25  Standing on what type of surface will you get more sun?