PEM 1116 Functional Welllness
HLP 1101C  Total Wellness| Central Campus

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These class is not on D2L
Do not submit any work to D2L

I Will communicate with the class on my BC email and in class
Refresh every time you log in to get any updates.
Must Read this syllabus – it tell you the following information
1.  Lesson Objectives for each lesson
2. Test Dates
3.  Workout Dates
4. How class is set up

Course Overview:  Upon successful completion of this course, the students should be able to discuss wellness and to apply wellness concepts to enhance the quality of their life.

Course Outcomes:

1.0 The students should be able to assess their current level of health related  fitness through various assessments.
2.0 The students should be able to explain various components of wellness as it relates to a healthy lifestyle.
3.0 The students should be able to discuss body composition as it pertains to total wellness.
4.0 The student should be able to to explain muscular strength and endurance, flaxibility, cardiovascular fitness and demonstrate and participate in exercises to enhance these areas.
5.0 The students should be able to identify good  nutrition principles.
6.0 The students should be able to discuss weight management as it pertains to wellness of wellness.
7.0 The students should be able to identify life stresses and be aware of ways to manage stress.
8.0 The students should be able to identify signs and symptoms of HIV/AIDS, and become aware of the impact of HIV/AIDS to our society.
9.0 Outline and detail a fitness program for implementation when the course is complete.

Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

If you are requesting academic accommodations for this class, you must first register with Accessibility Resources, who will evaluate your request and determine eligibility. To contact Accessibility Resources either call 954-201-6527, or visit their website: If approved, you will be provided with an Accommodation Plan that you must deliver to me electronically. Once received, we will discuss which accommodations you are requesting for this class, and in accordance with Broward College policy 6Hx2-5.09 you will be provided with the appropriate accommodations. Students who wait until after completing the course, or an activity, to request accommodations should not expect any grade to be changed, or to be able to retake the course or activity.

MY OFFICE HOURS – I will be available before and after class.
DIRECTIONS – How to do the assigned work and how to submit it.
Workout Information
1. Wear work out clothes
2. No flip flop /Slides
3. Workout will be done at the latter part of the class.
4. Must have BC ID
5. You must sign in at the Wellness Center.
5. I will be standing at the end of the counter and
you must sign in with and out with me. If you do not sign in and out
you will not receive the credit for that workout.
6. The first part of the workout must be cardio for 15 minutes.
It may be on on machine or on several different ones.
After that you may choose the machines of your choice.
7. Each session will be for 30 minutes. You may stay longer if you so choose.
8. On the day of workout please come dressed ready to workout. We
will leaves the classroom and directly to workout. No stopping and
then going to change clothes.
9. There will be 6 workout days listed. You may chose which 4 you want to attend.
10. If you attend all 6 you  will get 5 bonus points.
11. 4 workouts are required at 5 points each.

If you are absent please do the following.
1. Go to labs link for the class you are missing.
2. Link the lesson for that day.
3. Read the objectives.
4.Now go to the power notes and read the information.

This is the information that will be covered in class.

  1. Go to website – list above on this page
  2. Click on syllabus.
  3. There are 8 lessons and 3 videos
  4. There are power notes for each lesson. (DO NOT GO TO THE INTERNET)
  5. There are objectives for each lesson and the three videos.
  6. Be on time.
  7. There are three exams. You must be on time. If you are going to be absent
    that day you must notify me before the that day.. if you do not that exam will
    be given at the end of the term along with any other missed work.
 Pre Screening /goals 2   Print results/show phone
I will give you a form to fill out and bring in along with your phone.
Post Screening/Goals accomplished 2    Print results/show phone
I will give you a form to fill out and bring in along with your phone.
Hip to Waist – go to internet – type in hip to ratio. Fill in. 2  Must Print results
Waist to Height Ratio – go to internet type in waist to height ratio 2  Must Print Results
If you complete the above 4 2 extra points  = 10
Test 1  Lesson 1 – 4 30  points
Fat In the Artery ( short video)
2.Artery/Blood Pressure
3. Muscles – know for understanding
4. Heart Rates
Test  2 Lessons 5 – 8 30 points
5. Diabetes
6. Skin Cancer
7. Food Category
8. Food Label
Test 3 10 points
Wellness Workout – 4 workouts 20 points
Total  100
Grading Scale
90 – 100 points A
80 – 89  points B
70 – 79 points C
60 – 69 points D
0 – 59 F

ACADEMIC HONESTY:  BC expects its students to be honest in all of their course work and activities. Breaches of academic honesty include cheating, which includes looking at text, notes, or another person’s paper during an examination when not permitted. If anyone is found cheating, they will receive a grade of F and be referred to the Dean of Student Affairs.

RISK MANAGEMENT PROCEDURES: The instructor must be informed in writing of any health problems that you presently have, including pregnancy, or have had in the past as well as any medication you are taking. Any student with a disability (physical, mental, or learning) must be registered with Disability Services in order to be given special consideration. See the statement on the upper part of this page. You must inform the instructor the first class if you feel you have a weakness in reading, writing, or speaking English.