Lab 7: Food and Nutrition

Food Category Questions

Tell which category the following food are from?

Only one answer-if you put two it will not count – look at the notes.

  • fat
  • carbohydrate
  • protein
  1. Oranges ______________
  2. Celery______________
  3. Black Beans: ______________
  4. Cod______________
  5. Carrots_____________
  6. Kale_____________
  7. Steak______________
  8. Potatoes: ______________
  9. Sour cheese ______________
  10. Olive Oil______________
  11. Green Beans: ______________

Nutrition Questions

12.Trans fat is found in __________________ but not in __________..

13.The yellow yoke of an egg is 100% _________?

14.Bread, rice, potatoes and pasta turn into ___________ in your body.

15.Another word for Salt is ____________.

16.The American diet is usually made up of which category (fat, carbohydrates or protein).

17.Green grapes have less__________than the darker grapes.

18.When you see a word listed in the food label ending in -ose (example sucrose) – it means there is ___ in it.

19.One pound is _________calories

20.Round and loin on the food label (example ground round or ground sirloin) tells you what? The food has less what? _______

21.When you eat sugar – your body produces more ________

22..and then you crave more __________________

23.The white of the egg is _______ and the body absorbs it quickly.

24.If your blood pressure is okay – How many MG of salt can you eat a day?______