Lab 4: Heart Rate

Lesson 3 You need to know how to get a RHR  and a THR and the formula.

Heart Rate Review   Lab   this question are a review for you.
What is the RHR – Rest Heart Rate of the following (1, 2, 3 ) You must show your math as to how you got your answer.
1. 10 second count 9 = must show math
2. 10 second count is 12= must show math
3. 10 second count is 10 = must show math
THR – Target Heart Rate
4. When do you take it?
5. What do you do with it?
WHR – Working Heart Rate
6. When do you take it?
7. What do you do with it?
Recovery Heart Rate
8. When do you take?
9..When taking your RHR you count for ____seconds and multiply by _______
10.Why do you multiply by that number?
A THR problem will given in class. You must know the formula  and be able to write it down in from of me.
( 5 points..