Lab 4: Diabetes/BMI/Waist Size

Name the two main kinds of diabetes – 1 and 2. when you give answer and it is diabetes you must say which one.(1,2,gestational). If you just diabetes it is wrong. Pre-diabetes is not a kind of diabetes. It is to let you know that your numbers are not good and you need to make changes or you may become a diabetic.

  1. Name the two main kinds of diabetes.
  2. Which one are you born with ______________________?
  3. Name the type of diabetes that some women get when they are pregnant
  4. Which diabetes is the one when you are overweight – if they lost weight most would not be diabetic. There are exceptions
  5. Can you outgrow diabetes 1? yes or no
  6. What part of your body does not produce insulin or not enough that one becomes a diabetes?
  7.  When the waist is bigger – it puts a bigger strain on what part of the part. One answer_______
    We know that sugar does not cause diabetes.
  8. When you a high level of ________________ it blocks the cells walls and the sugar can’t get into the cell walls.
  9. Now the sugar goes where first _____________?
  10. Now it turns into what?____________
  11. An idea BMI is from ___________ to _________.DO NOT GO TO THE INTERNET FOR THE ANSWER. USE THE POWER NOTES. NO NOT COPY AND PASTE. All you need is one or two words.