Lab 1: Cholesterol

Put Answers on Lab 1 answer sheet link.
Go to youtube and what a short 2 1/2 minute clip called Fat In the Artery. It is usually the first clip.
this is to answers questions 17 – 20. Look at the power notes for lab also. This will give you more information.

There are two kinds of cholesterol – HDL and LDL

  1. Which is good?
  2. Which is bad?

When the bad on enters the wall of the artery – 5 things happens – know them in order.






8. Why is the good cholesterol good? What does it do?

9.The walls of the artery become thicker and turn yellow due to the build up ____ ( do not name the disease).

10 .Fatty streaks are mainly made up of _______-

11.One of the first signs of atherosclerosis.

12 The yellow of the egg is 100 % __________.

Name the three ways that cholesterol gets in the body




Name 1 animal by product


On the Fat In the Artery Video -Go to you tube type in the name of the video. Very short about 2 1/2 minutes.

Read questions carefully. One or two words. – no sentences.
# 17 and # 19 it says one word that means one of the words nothing  more.

17. Describe Tube 1 – how did it look – this is the one from the man who was having surgery.
Color clear or cloudy – answer one of these
Good or bad – answer one of these

18. From the results of tube 1 -What did this person do to cause this results.. Be specific. Short Answer.

19. Describe Tube 2 – How did it look – no information was given about this person.
Color or cloudy – give one answer.
Good or bad – give one answer.

20. Explain your answer. Think!! Compare the two people and the results. Be specific.
If tube 1 was caused by a certain thing that person did and tube 2 was totally the opposite – what did person 2 do?
THINK!!! Short answer.