Wellness Center Safety Information

COVID-19 Requirements

  1. Upon reopening patrons/students will be required to watch the safety instruction video (below) that will be featured online and inside the facility on gym etiquette for COVID-19 as well as cleaning procedures.
  2. It is recommended that unvaccinated patrons wear a CDC compliant face covering (e.g., A CDC compliant, 2-ply 100% cotton cloth face mask or surgical-style mask).
  3. Maintain 3 feet to 6 feet social distance from other gym patrons.
  4. Students will be required to disinfect hands upon entering and exiting the gym.
  5. Patrons must use disinfectant wipes to clean their equipment before and after use.
  6. Students will be required to sign a Wellness Agreement (Link opens in new window), phrasing:

    “We’re all responsible for our wellness”.

During this period, it is all our responsibility to slow down the spread of the Coronavirus by practicing safety methods that not only keep ourselves safe, but that of our loved ones.

In that effort, Broward College North Campus Wellness Center has updated its facility to include the necessary supplies to ensure sanitization, safety, and provide instructions for proper cleaning and disposal of materials. We ask that if you are experiencing fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, or diarrhea that you stay home. Additionally, if you have visited the Wellness Center and think you possibly had COVID-19 upon visiting, please contact the gym supervisor at 954-201-2967.

Please note that the CDC advises that older adults or people of any age who have serious underlying medical conditions might be at higher risk for severe illness from Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). Also, people who show no symptoms can spread the Coronavirus if they are infected. As such, gym users should evaluate their risk and determine whether to attend the Gym. Broward College cannot guarantee that you will not be exposed to the Coronavirus during your visit.

By agreeing to this, you acknowledge your personal responsibility to do your part by following safety protocol and to clean up your designated machines before and after use. However, even with these implementations there is still a risk associated with coming to the Wellness Center that includes but is not limited to the possibility of contracting the COVID-19 illness.

Procedure:

  • Students will be required to schedule a slot in advance; availability will be Monday through Thursday during operational hours; PickTime – Make an Appointment (Link opens in new window)
  • Active BC ID Number will be required for scheduled time slot
  • Students will be required to disinfect hands upon entry and exit of the gym

Safety Video:

Safety Video English Transcript

Slide 1

Title: Return to North Campus Gym Amid COVID-19

Slide 2

Title: Your Health is our Top Priority

Body: This guide and all our resources have been developed with guidance from global health experts, including the CDC and Broward County

Slide 3

Title: What We’ve Done

Body: To ensure your wellbeing and safety, we’ve instituted the following safeguards and safety measures.

Slide 4

Title: Sign Our Wellness Agreement

Body: The Wellness Agreement can be filled out online on the North Campus Gym Instagram page

*Please do not come to work out if you exhibit COVID-19 symptoms.

Slide 5

Title: Personal Protective Equipment

Body: It is Recommended that Face Mask be worn by unvaccinated individuals

* Face Mask can be purchased at local stores and at Broward College bookstores

Slide 6

Title: Hand Washing/Sanitizing

Body: Regular hand washing is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of germs.

CDC recommends washing hands with soap and water for 20 seconds.

*Use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.

Cover all surfaces of your hands and rub them together until they feel dry.

Slide 7

Title: Cleaning Your Exercise Machine

Body: 1) Clean your machine before you use it.

2) Clean your machine after you’ve used it.

A cleaning solution/disinfectant will be provided.

Slide 8

Title: What We Can Do

Body: To ensure the health and safety of everyone in the gym, we must all commit to:

Read and understand all communications

Clean and disinfect our work areas

Practice proper hand washing and sanitizing

Cough and sneeze into tissues or your elbow

Ask questions if you are unclear about anything

If you experience any symptoms, please stay home.

Slide 9

Body: By following this guide, you are minimizing the COVID-19 health risks and doing your part to slow down the spread in our Broward College Community.

If you have any questions, please contact 954-201-2314.

Safety Video Haitian Creole Transcript

Slide 1

Tit: Retounen nan North Campus Gym nan pandan COVID-19

Slide 2

Tit: Sante w se pi gwo pwiyorite nou

Kò: Gid sa a ak tout resous nou yo te devlope ak konsèy nan men ekspè nan sante mondyal, ki gen ladan yo CDC ak Broward County

Slide 3

Tit: Kisa nou te fè

Kò: Pou asire byennèt ou ak sekirite ou, nou te etabli garanti ak mezi sekirite sa yo.

Slide 4

Tit: Siyen Akò Byennèt nou an

Kò: Ou ka ranpli Akò Byennèt la sou entènèt sou paj Instagram North Campus Gym nan

* Tanpwi, pa vin fè egzèsis si ou gen sentòm COVID-19.

Slide 5

Tit: Ekipman pou Pwoteksyon Pèsonèl

Kò: Li rekòmande pou moun ki pa pwan vaksen mete mask nan figi

* Ou ka achte mask figi nan magazen lokal yo ak nan bibliyotèk Broward College la

Slide 6

Tit: Lave men / Dezenfekte

Kò: Toujou lave men se youn nan pi bon fason pou anpeche pwopagasyon mikwòb yo.

CDC rekòmande pou ou lave men ou avèk savon ak dlo pou 20 segonn.

* Sèvi ak yon dezenfektan men ki gen omwen 60% alkòl.

Kouvwi tout sifas men ou epi fwote yo ansanm jiskaske yo santi yo chèch

Slide 7

Tit: Netwaye Machin Egzèsis ou

Kò: 1) Netwaye machin egzèsis ou anvan ou itilize li.

2) Netwaye machin egzèsis ou apwè ou fin itilize li.

Y’ap bay yon solisyon netwayaj / dezenfektan.

Slide 8

Tit: Kisa Nou Ka Fè

Kò: Pou asire sante ak sekirite tout moun nan jimnastik la, nou tout dwe komèt pou nou:

Li epi konpwann tout kominikasyon yo

Netwaye epi dezenfekte zòn travay nou yo

Pratike bon lave men ak dezenfekte

Touse ak etènye nan papye oswa koud ou

Poze kesyon si ou pa klè sou on bagay

Si ou gen nenpòt sentòm, tanpwi rete lakay ou.

Slide 9

Kò: Lè ou swiv gid sa a, w’ap minimize ris COVID-19 poze sou sante nou epi w’ap fè pati pa ou pouw ralanti COVID-19 simaye nan kominote Broward College nou an.

Si ou gen nenpòt kesyon, tanpri kontakte 954-201-2314.

Safety Video Spanish Transcript

Diapositiva 1

Título: Regreso al gimnasio de Broward College – Coconut Creek durante COVID-19

Diapositiva 2

Título: Su salud es nuestra máxima prioridad

Cuerpo: Esta guía y todos nuestros recursos se han desarrollado siguiendo la información provista por expertos en salud mundial, incluyendo los expertos del CDC y del condado de Broward.

Diapositiva 3

Título: Lo que hemos hecho

Cuerpo: Para garantizar su bienestar y seguridad, hemos instituido las siguientes precauciones y medidas de seguridad.

Diapositiva 4

Título: Complete y firme nuestro acuerdo de bienestar

Cuerpo: El Acuerdo de bienestar se puede completar en línea en la página de Instagram de North Campus Gym
* Por favor, absténgase de utilizar las facilidades del gimnasio si presenta síntomas de COVID-19.

Diapositiva 5

Título: Equipo de protección personal

Cuerpo: Se recomienda que las personas no vacunadas utilicen una mascarilla facial que cubra la nariz y la boca completamente.
* La mascarilla se puede comprar en las tiendas locales y en las librerías de Broward College.

Diapositiva 6

Título: Lavado / desinfección de manos

Cuerpo: Lavarse las manos con regularidad es una de las mejores formas de prevenir la propagación de gérmenes. El CDC recomienda lavarse las manos con agua y jabón durante 20 segundos.
* En lugar de lavado de manos con jabón, también puede utilizar un desinfectante que contenga al menos un 60% de alcohol. Cubra toda la superficie de sus manos con desinfectante y frótelas hasta que se sequen.

Diapositiva 7

Título: Limpieza de su máquina de ejercicios

Cuerpo: 1) Limpie su máquina antes y después de haberla utilizado. Habrá una solución desinfectante disponible para su uso.

Diapositiva 8

Título: Qué podemos hacer

Cuerpo: Para garantizar la salud y la seguridad de todos en el gimnasio, todos debemos comprometernos a:
Leer y comprender todas las comunicaciones provistas.
Limpiar y desinfectar las áreas y equipo donde se ejercite.
Practicar el lavado y desinfección de manos adecuados
Toser y estornudar en pañuelos desechables o en el codo.
Haga preguntas si necesita aclarar alguna duda.
Si experimenta algún síntoma, quédese en casa.

Diapositiva 9

Cuerpo: Al seguir esta guía, está minimizando los riesgos de contagio del COVID-19 y haciendo su parte para frenar la propagación en nuestra comunidad de Broward College.
Si tiene alguna pregunta, comuníquese al 954-201-2314.


  • Large towel able to cover machines’ surface
  • Closed-toed shoes
  • Appropriate workout clothes (No Jeans!)
  • For unvaccinated individuals, a CDC compliant, 2-ply 100% cotton cloth face mask or surgical-style mask is reccomended


  • CDC compliant face masks are recommended for unvaccinated patrons
  • Respect/Maintain 3 feet to 6 feet social distance from other gym patrons
  • Sanitize hands before/after use of each equipment and after completing each of your routines
  • Wipe down exercise equipment with the provided disinfectant before and after each use


  • If the COVID-19 guidelines, sign-in procedure etc. are not followed you will be asked to leave the facility and subjected to suspension from gym activities for the entire semester.