Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I get into a closed class?

Speak with your instructor and ask if you can join their class. If they approve, the instructor will send an email to the Science Department who will then forward the information to Registration. Please note that there are many factors that must be considered before a student is able to join a closed class, including room capacity. All approvals of this type are by teacher discretion.

Do I have to take the Laboratory course with the lecture?

You must take the Lab with a Lecture if the Lab is a co-requisite. The only students who are exempt from this are Transient students (Link opens in new window) who have a letter from their College or University stating that they do not have to take the Lab.

How can I transfer from one class to another?

See your instructor or the Associate Dean for approval. Your request should include a strong reason for seeking a transfer. You must then have permission from the instructor whose class you wish to transfer into and from the instructor whose class you wish to transfer out of. All grades must transfer with you, provided you already have grades.

What items do I need to supply for my classes?

All Chemistry Labs require lab coats and chemical splash goggles. All Biological Science Labs require a Lab coat and safety glasses. Your instructor will inform you of specific supplies. Please see Lab Safety Contracts on our Biological Sciences Laboratory Information and Safety page and our Physical Sciences Laboratory Information and Safety page for more detailed information regarding safety clothing. For most Lab classes, Lab manuals must be purchased at the Broward College Bookstore prior to the start of your first class. For other Labs, students will need to print off each experiment from their BC Desire2Learn (D2L) account prior to coming to Lab. Some instructors may require you to purchase your own Scantron test sheets for exams. They may also be purchased at the BC Bookstore. For help, please visit a Broward College Campus Bookstore (Link opens in new window) location or the BC Bookstore Website (Link opens in new window).

Does Environmental Sciences count towards my Biology and Physical Science requirements?

Environmental Science courses do meet General Education requirements in the Biological and Physical Sciences. You may count it as one course in either discipline.