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“A prepared Priscacara fossil, of a late early Eocene sunfish. The specimen is about 80% of its natural size. It was collected from the Green River Formation 9 miles west of Kemmerer, Wyoming in 1984” -US Geological Survey, picture taken June 8 2005. U.S. Geological Survey flickr account (Link opens in new window)

Paleontology Collection

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  • Journal of Paleontology – The Journal of Paleontology, published by the Paleontological Society, includes original articles and notes on the systematics of fossil organisms and the implications of systematics to biostratigraphy, paleoecology, paleogeography, and evolution.
  • Bulletins of American Paleontology – from the Paleontological Research Institution, is … “Published continuously since 1895, Bulletins of American Paleontology (ISSN 0007-5779) is one of the oldest peer-reviewed paleontological journals in the world…”

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