Student Science Laboratory Safety Contract



  1. Wear shoes that fully surround and cover the feet completely in the laboratory
  2. Wear to each lab over my clothing a long sleeved, full length “long” style laboratory coat (38 to 42 inches in length).
    Lab coats must be buttoned up completely while in the lab. Lab coats may be white or colored but be aware that some lab courses at Broward College require solid white lab coats.
  3. Long pants or long skirts that cover the entire leg must be worn in the laboratory. Pants shall be without rips, holes, tears, or openings of any kind that expose the skin. Shorts, skirts, and miniskirts are prohibited.
  4. Act in a responsible manner at all times in the laboratory
  5. Follow all laboratory safety rules and instructions given by the instructor
  6. Use good housekeeping practices in the lab
  7. Wear eye protection, gloves and apron when instructed to do so
  8. Know the location of emergency equipment (first aid kit, fire extinguisher, eye wash, etc.)
  9. Know how to get help in an emergency
  10. Tie back long hair, and remove dangling jewelry
  11. Never work alone in the laboratory
  12. Never take chemicals or other substances out of the laboratory without the knowledge and consent of the instructor
  13. Never eat, drink, or smoke in the laboratory
  14. Place bookbags and personal belongings in the designated location for each laboratory classroom

Lab Safety Contract MCB2010L

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