Physical Sciences Laboratory Schedules

Laboratory Schedules

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Term I – Fall Schedules

August – December 2023

AST1022L - Astronomy Laboratory

not offered this term

CHM1020L - Chemistry in Everyday Life Laboratory
CHM1032L - Chemistry for Health Sciences Laboratory
CHM1045L - General Chemistry I Laboratory
CHM1046L - General Chemistry II Laboratory
CHM2210L - Organic Chemistry I Laboratory
CHM2211L - Organic Chemistry II Laboratory
ESC1000L - Earth Science Laboratory
GLY1010L - Physical Geology Laboratory
GLY1100L - Historical Geology Laboratory

not offered this term

OCE1001L - Oceanography Laboratory

not offered this term

PSC1121L - Physical Sciences Laboratory

not offered this term

PHY1001L - Applied Physics Laboratory

not offered this term

PHY2048L - General Physics with Calculus I Laboratory
PHY2049L - General Physics with Calculus II Laboratory
PHY2053L - General Physics I Laboratory
PHY2054L - General Physics II Laboratory

Not Offered This Term