Environmental Sciences AS/BS Program-Physical Sciences

Associate/Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science

These programs at Broward College feature tracks in both Biosecurity and Physical Sciences, allowing students to gain knowledge and hands-on experience in botany, geology, entomology, oceanography, and more. Upon successful completion of the degree program, students have competitive skill sets for careers in government agencies, private industries, fieldwork, teaching, and more.

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Courses offered through Physical Sciences

Coursework for the AS and BS programs through the Physical Sciences Department are below. Explore courses offered by the Biological Sciences Department, here.

Associate of Science in Environmental Technology Program Sheet

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science – Physical Science Program Sheet

BCH3033 Biochemistry I
CHM1045 General Chemsitry I
CHM1045L General Chemistry I Laboratory
CHM1046 General Chemistry II
CHM1046L General Chemistry II Laboratory
CHM2210 Organic Chemistry I
CHM2210L Organic Chemistry I Laboratory
CHM2211 Organic Chemistry II
CHM2211L Organic Chemistry II Laboratory
Environmental Science
EVR1001 Environmental Science
EVR1261 Fundamentals of Air Pollution
EVR1858 Environmental Regulation
EVR2930 Science Seminar
EVR2893C Environmental Sampling and Analysis
ESC1000 Earth Science
ESC1000L Earth Science Lab
GLY1010 Physical Geology
GLY1010L Physical Geology Lab
GLY4203 Environmental Geology
GLY4731 Coastal/Marine Sciene
GLY4746 Global Environmental Change
GLY4820 Hydrogeology
GLY4820L Hydrogeology Lab
MET4700 Atmospheric Processes


OCE3008 Advanced Oceanography
Physical Sciences
PSC1121 Physical Sciences Survey
PSC1121L Physical Sciences Laboratory
PSC4912 Senior Research
PSC4948 Senior Internship
PHY1001 Applied Physics
PHY1001L Applied Physics Laboratory
Soil Science
SWS3022 Introduction to Soil Science