Physical Sciences Faculty, Staff & Administration

Faculty, Staff, & Administration

The menu below contains the name, contact information and office location for all full-time faculty, staff, and administration at the Central Campus Physical Sciences Department, part of the Science & Wellness Department.

To view a faculty member’s website, click on their name.

The Adjunct Faculty Office is located in Building 7 Room 111, and can be reached via telephone at 954-201-4878.

You may also leave a message for an adjunct faculty member by calling the main Science office at 954-201-6674.

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Instructor Contact Information Office Location Courses Taught
Branly, Rolando 954-201-6676
Building 7 Room 142 Astronomy, Physics
Choudhury, Laura 954-201-6675
Building 7 Room 128 Chemistry
Clark, Rebecca 954-201-6771 Building 7 Room 119 Geology, Oceanography, Earth Science
Doucette, Randy 954-201-6326 Building 7 Room 113 Chemistry
Howard, Emily 954-201-4876
Building 7 Room 130 Astronomy, Physics
Memari, Behnoush 954-201-6324
Building 7 Room 132 Chemistry
Prince, Kieron 954-201-4877 Building 7 Room 125 Geology, Oceanography, Earth Science
Ramdeen, Vijay 954-201-6707 Building 7 Room 136 Chemistry
Sharma, Shiv 954-201-xxxx  Building 7 Room 135 Chemistry
Name Contact Information Office Location Title
Estrella, Brittany 954-201-6745 Building 7  Room 213 Laboratory Manager
Andrew, Laidlaw 954-201-4867 Building 7  Room 213A Laboratory Technician
Name Contact Information Office Location Position
TBA TBA Building 7 Room 146 Executive Assistant
Fisher, Latanya 954-201-4404
Building 7 Room 147 Associate Dean, Science & Wellness