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Course ID Class Title
AST1002 Horizons in Astronomy
AST1003 Astronomy of the Solar System
AST1004 Astronomy of Stars and Galaxies
AST1022L Astronomy Laboratory
CHM1020 Chemistry in Everyday Life
CHM1020L Chemistry in Everyday Life Laboratory
CHM1025 Introduction to Chemistry
CHM1032 Chemistry for Health Sciences
CHM1032L Chemistry for Health Sciences Laboratory
CHM1045 General Chemistry I
CHM1045 Qualifying Exam  take this exam to see where you place. Answers are provided.
CHM1045L General Chemistry I Laboratory
CHM1046 General Chemistry II
CHM1046L General Chemistry II Laboratory
CHM2210 Organic Chemistry I
CHM2210L Organic Chemistry I Laboratory
CHM2211 Organic Chemistry II
CHM2211L Organic Chemistry II Laboratory
ESC1000 Earth Science
ESC1000L Earth Science Laboratory
GLY1010 Physical Geology
GLY1010L Physical Geology Laboratory
GLY1100 Historical Geology
GLY1100L Historical Geology Laboratory
OCE1001 Introductory Oceanography
OCE1001L Oceanography Laboratory
PSC1121 Physical Sciences Survey
PSC1121L Physical Sciences Laboratory
PHY1001 Applied Physics
PHY1001L Applied Physics Laboratory
PHY2048 General Physics with Calculus I
PHY2048L General Physics with Calculus I Laboratory
PHY2049 General Physics with Calculus II
PHY2049L General Physics with Calculus II Laboratory
PHY2053 General Physics I
PHY2053L General Physics I Laboratory
PHY2054 General Physics II
PHY2054L General Physics II Laboratory