Environmental Science AS/BS Program

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science

The BSES program at Broward College features tracks in both biosecurity and physical sciences, allowing students to gain knowledge and hands-on experience in botany, geology, entomology, oceanography, and more. Upon successful completion of the degree program, students have competitive skill sets for careers in government agencies, private industries, fieldwork, teaching, and more.

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Courses Offered Through Biological Sciences

Coursework for the BSES program through the Biological Sciences Department is below. Explore courses offered by the Physical Sciences Department here.

BSC2910 Directed Independent Study – Biological Sciences
ENY1001 Insect, Man, and Environment
BSC2421 Introduction to Biotechnology
BSC2421L Introduction to Biotechnology Lab
BOT2800 Plants and People
Environmental Science
EVR1009 Environmental Science
EVR1858 Environmental Regulation
EVR2930 Science Seminar
EVR2893C Environmental Sampling and Analysis