Full time faculty are required to hold 10 hours of office hours per week during Fall and Spring semesters. Eight (8) hours per class during the Summer semester. Students can schedule an appointment to meet with Professor Cooke during the scheduled office hours each week or, if the scheduled times are not convenient, request a weekend remote meeting outside of the officially scheduled office hours. Students who wish to meet one-on-one with the professor outside of class meeting times can visit the professor in their office on campus (Central Campus 13/118) during the scheduled Office Hours. Alternatively, students can schedule an internet (Zoom) meeting with the professor or make an appointment to receive a phone call from the professor. Students who Schedule an Appointment will get preference. Students who do not have an appointment will be helped on a first-come, first-helped basis after students with appointments are helped.


The professor will be in their office (Central Campus 13/118) during posted office hours. Students can drop-in for an impromptu office hours meeting without an appointment. Note that students with appointments will have precedence over students who stop by the professors’ Campus Office.

Scheduled Office Hours (Preferred)

Schedule an appointment during the posted office hours.

See the Office Hours Appointment Instructions for detailed instructions on how to schedule an appointment using Calendly.

See the Current Schedule for a graphical depiction of the professors weekly schedule including office hours and classes.

Weekend Remote Meeting Appointment Request

Remote Meeting Request

If you are unable to meet with the professor during their posted office hours, you can request a remote meeting with them outside of the scheduled office hours days and times. Note that the preferred times will be the next day or later. e.g. Requesting a remote meeting on a Friday and choosing Friday as a preference will result in the meeting being scheduled the following Friday. When selecting Next available, the remote meeting will take place the next day at the soonest assuming that the professor has availability the next day. If other students have scheduled a remote meeting during the next available timeslot, the remote meeting may only be possible in two or three days. Please plan accordingly.

Request Date & Time

Request Time

Contact Information

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Meeting Information

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Meeting Day and Time Preferences

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Additional Information

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I am aware that I must monitor D2L and BC student email for any instructions after scheduling this appointment.

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Internet Meetings – Zoom

If an internet meeting using Zoom is requested, the remote meeting will be held in the professor’s Zoom Office Hours meeting room. The link for joining the Zoom meeting room can be found on D2L in the Office Hours module. If an internet meeting is scheduled by someone who is not currently enrolled in a class the professor is teaching, the link will be emailed to the email address provided when making the appointment.

Broward College students should use their BC student ID to login to Zoom through the OneAccess Portal before choosing the professor’s Zoom Office Hours meeting room. When joining the Zoom Office Hours meeting room, Zoom may prompt you to enter your name. If you are prompted to enter your name, ensure that the name you enter matches your name so that the professor will recognize you in the lobby. If the professor sees a name in the lobby that is not recognized, the name will be removed from the meeting.

When joining the Zoom Office Hours Meeting Room you will be placed in the lobby. Wait in the Zoom lobby until the professor lets you into the meeting room. If you have an appointment, the professor will let you into the meeting room when your appointment is scheduled to start or within a couple of minutes if you are late. If you arrive early for the appointment, you may have to wait until your appointment time. The professor will let you in early if they are not busy helping another student. If you do not have an appointment and the professor just happens to be in the Zoom Office Hours meeting room, you will be let into the meeting room as soon as you are next in line. This may take 20-30 minutes depending on how many students are ahead of you in the line. If you do not have an appointment and are being helped by the professor when a student who does have an appointment arrives in the lobby, the student without an appointment will be given the option to be placed back into the lobby while the student with an appointment is helped or to schedule an appointment for a later time.

If you join the Zoom Office Hours Meeting Room and see the message The meeting has not started, this means that the professor has not yet joined the meeting room. If you are joining outside of posted Office Hours times or at a time that a remote meeting confirmation has not been received, come back at the time that an appointment has been scheduled as the professor will only join the Office Hours meeting room if an internet meeting appointment has been made. If you are early for an internet meeting appointment, wait a couple of minutes. Note: Zoom may time you out if you have to wait for more than a couple of minutes. In this case, join the meeting again.


No. During the posted office hours the professor will be in their Zoom Office Hours Meeting Room. Students can drop-in without an appointment. Internet meetings (Zoom) outside posted office hours and phone calls from the professor require appointments.
Let the professor know ASAP. If an appointment was scheduled during the posted office hours, use the Cancel or Reschedule links in the confirmation email received after scheduling the appointment. If you know you will not be able to make the appointment, do not deliberately miss the appointment without freeing up the appointment time slot for another student. It is better to reschedule the appointment than miss it. The professor gets upset when students miss scheduled appointments.
The professor will be upset. Re-schedule the appointment for a later date. Students who continually schedule an appointment and then miss the appointment will be spoken to and could be referred to the Associate Dean for wasting the professor's time.
As many times as needed. To ensure equity and equal availability to all students, the professor reserves the right to restrict students who over use office hours.
Send a D2L email with 2-3 suggested meeting dates and times in order of your preference. The suggested times should be at least 24 hours in the future and cannot be during a time when the professor is in class.