1. Choose the Schedule an Appointment topic in the Office Hours module of D2L.
  1. Select a day for the appointment. (Only days with available times can be selected)
Select a day for the appointment
  1. Select a time for the appointment. (Only available times will be displayed)
Choose time
  1. Choose the Confirm option.
Confirm selected time
  1. Enter your name and email address. Choose the class that you are making an appointment about and indicate what you would like to cover with the professor.
Appointment fields
  1. Click the Schedule Event button.
Schedule event
  1. A confirmation message will be displayed.
Confirmation info
  1. An email will be sent to the email account specified above. Use the Reschedule option to choose a different day/time for the appointment. Use the Cancel option to cancel the appointment.
Confirmation Email
  1. When cancelling an appointment, enter the reason for cancelling and choose Cancel Event. Enter the reason for cancelling.
Cancel event
  1. A message confirming the cancellation of the appointment will be displayed.
Cancellation message