The BC Sites Network is an easy-to-use academic web publishing service for current Broward College faculty and staff. Use this service to easily create blogs or websites for courses, groups, departments or other professional college-related use.

We offer a variety of themes and plugins to choose from to help customize your blog or website.
We are proudly hosted by CampusPress, Edublog’s higher education WordPress solution.

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About CampusPress

CampusPress has WordPress’s ease of use and most popular features, while keeping the service economical and secure by focusing on providing only those features of greatest use to its entire community. CampusPress is not a direct replacement for a prospective-student website, which are hosted under the college’s approved content management system.

Sample uses of BC Sites Network include:

  • Personal scholarly blogs
  • Research websites
  • Course/class websites
  • Department websites

Benefits of the BC Sites Network

  • Speedy setup of new sites.
  • No development skills required; many themes and plug-ins have been vetted by CampusPress.
  • No sysadmin assistance is required.
  • Security is provided by CampusPress which maintains the WordPress installation and plug-ins.