The courses Professor Cooke is currently teaching can be viewed on the Current Schedule page.
Professor Cooke holds office hours as posted on the Office Hours page.
The different ways that Professor Cooke can be contacted are listed on the Contact page.
Extensions are granted at the discretion of the professor. You must schedule an office meeting with the professor to discuss whether an extension will be granted. An extension requested by email or voice mail will not be granted.
Complete all reading posted in D2L, be prepared for the in-class meetings, take good notes, ask lots of questions, get help from the tutors, make use of the professors office hours, complete and submit assessed work on time.
Extra credit will be assigned to the entire class during the semester. The extra credit will be posted in D2L with a due date. No late submissions will be accepted. Missed extra credit cannot be made up. No extra credit assignment will be assigned to only one student.