Do’s and Don’ts
1.Be on time to class.
2. Read the objectives for each lecture before the class lecture.
3. Come dressed ready to workout on assigned workout days.
4. During lecture when you want the information repeat raise one hand.
5. When you have a question raise both hands.
6. Ask question about the topic. .
7. May turn in labs early.
8. Must turn in your own labs.
9. Do you own work..
10. Get all your answers from power notes and class lecture.
11. Ask all questions needed before turning in your labs.
12. Feel free to email me if you have a question or ask before or after class.

1. Come late to class.
2. Do not ask what is the answer to a specific question on your lab.
3. Do not come to class and skip out on workout (see deductions).
4. Do not turn in labs late.
5. Do not ask someone else to turn in work for you.
6. Do not go to the internet for any answers. they will not be accepted.
7. Do not turn in your lab and say I did not understand a certain questions.