Terms in Current Academic Year

Academic Years

The Broward College academic year starts in the third week of August each year. Each academic year is divided into three terms (or semesters). Fall, Spring and Summer. Fall and Spring terms are sixteen weeks in length and the Summer term is twelve weeks in length.

Fall and Spring terms are divided into four sessions. The first session is the full sixteen week term, the second session is the first eight weeks of the term, the third session is twelve weeks in length starting two weeks after the first two sessions and the fourth session is the last eight weeks of the term starting half way in the term.

There is a two week Winter break between the Fall and Spring terms, a one week Spring Break in the middle of the Spring semester, a one week break between Spring and Summer terms, and a one to two week break between Summer and the next academic year Fall terms.

Fall Term

16 weeks

4 sessions

August – December

Spring Term

16 weeks

4 sessions

January – May

Summer Term

12 weeks

3 sessions

May – August

Previous Academic Years