Web Systems & Technologies

Course Description

This course covers the design, implementation and testing of web based applications including related software, databases, interfaces and digital media. It also covers social, ethical and security issues arising from the web and social software.

General Course Outcomes

The student shall:

  1. Learn about the fundamentals of the World Wide Web
  2. Understand the various technologies and techniques to organize information within a web application
  3. Compare and contrast various digital media tools and methods of integration
  4. Design and implement a data-driven website
  5. Understand a wide variety of vulnerabilities that exist within web applications
  6. Understand concepts such as communication modalities, ethical issues on the web, digital content, and copyright concept




Prerequisites: None

Corequisites: None

Textbook and Course Materials

There is no text book for this course. This course uses Open Educational Resources which has no cost to the student.