Web Authoring II

Course Description

This course teaches students the concepts of web development and how to apply structure and design skills using HTML and CSS. It will also introduce strategies and tactics necessary to design user interfaces, with particular emphasis on creating user interfaces for mobile devices. It focuses on teaching specific development techniques and strategies.

General Course Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will know more about:

  1. User Interface Design Process
  2. User-Centered Web Design
  3. User Interface Design Principles and Legal Guidelines
  4. Color, Typography, Layout and Wireframing
  5. Designing a Basic Web Site
  6. Navigation Concepts
  7. Designing and Developing a Professional Web Site
  8. Site Publishing, Maintenance, Security, and SEO Strategies





Textbook and Course Materials

Title: CIW: User Interface Designer
Author: Certification Partners
Publisher: Ucertify

ISBN: 978-1-61691-712-8

The text book for this course is available at the campus bookstore.